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Bristle brush for the production of industrial

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"Harvests for property abandoned to waste." There is a Chinese export products: Impossible by synthetic, do not bother to produce, the majority of rural will have; do not worry exports, it is almost how much produce to sell.

This is the natural bristles. Currently, the world's total demand bristle about 650,000 TEUs, while total output was only 250,000 boxes, China bristle production accounted for more than 95% of world production.

In addition to dominate for decades produced bristle toothbrush, clothes brush, brush, etc. to be living with a brush, but more than three inches long mane, are generally used to make industrial brushes. During the war, the military industry, from to ships, aircraft and a variety of military vehicles to clear brush painting machine guns, artillery gun barrels, it is also inseparable from the moment bristle.

In China's annual output of pig bristles, the United States market has accounted for more than 30%. During World War II, the United States needs a larger, state-owned four or five hundred American Brush Factory, brush with almost all raw materials from China. The Chinese government still bristle at that time to cover the important material aid to China and other countries of the Soviet Union and American money or goods. 1937-1945 in nine years, China's exports amounted to bristle $ 30 million of foreign exchange earnings.

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