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Stars Brush Factory teach you how to identify high-quality wool brush

Time:2014.08.28 News source:http://starbrush.cn viewed:

    Wool is one of the earliest human use of natural textile fibers, one of the materials are often used in industrial brush, wool brush brush is an important category, which is widely used in decoration industry. Quality wool brush paint containing a large amount of good leveling, spit paint evenly, so that the paint surface is smooth, uniform thickness, not easy to leave streaks and brush bristles brushing the surface, the construction feels smooth and durable. Starlight Brushes below summarizes the high quality wool brush should have the following characteristics:

    First, brush the peak longer, Mao Feng thick, resilient and strong;
Second, easy hair loss;
Third, the wooden handle overall well-made, exquisite packaging, intact.

     The poorer quality wool brush peak short, Mao Feng thin, poor flexibility; hair loss phenomenon; fur is not white, and there is variegated, making rough wooden handle, usually without the paint and packaging simple.

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