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The use and selection of industrial brushes

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1 industrial brushes used in metal surface treatment, there are several aspects:
    (1) surface roughing treatment (grinding, galling, rust, dust)
    (2) surface cleaning treatment (for parts cleaning, food and vegetable washing peeled, decontamination, degreasing)
    (3) Surface finishing treatment (Mill, assassination, polishing)
2 industrial brush application selection:
    Industrial brushes right choice, we must first be processed in accordance with the physical and chemical properties of the material, such as material surface finish, hardness, etc., select appropriate wire brush material; brush shape by working conditions selected; brush size calculated according to the size of the process parameters and speed. In general, the larger the diameter of the round brush, the better. And in the same condition in diameter, shorter wire brush, grinding force, the stronger the longer the wire brush, grinding force is weak.

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