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Industrial brush application in various industries

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1, the textile industry: products are stereotypes round brush, sanding machine brush, brush machine brush, comb brush, brown brush, spinning brush, microdermabrasion machine brush, polishing cloth wheel. Singeing machine for brush roller, using a nylon bristle or wire brush and other materials, rollers using 45 # round + injection molding, textile fabric out there are a lot of extra furry, singeing roll is to use these extra furry brush out the fire in the brush roll under Fang Youming these furry burned; framing machine slitting rolls, framing roller 45 # round the rollers, bristles made ​​of nylon and other materials, from the middle to both sides was the word oblique way of planting hair, brush roll feed into the roll, herringbone role is to brush both sides of the cloth to make it straight; needle plate blank brush wheel, the middle molded body, mostly bristle brush, use is through the fabric edge bristles pressure down to the machine to the needle plate.  
2, Ceramics: Brush glaze line, in the middle of solid ebony core, planting white or black plastic wire brush for surface tiles and other ceramic products, glazing jobs.  
3, leather footwear: leather and shoe polishing, waxing, oiling, usually with a small cloth wheel, horse hair, sisal brush wheels.  
4, the glass industry: products are washing machine brush roller, brush grinding machine, PP, PU, ​​PVC, PVA absorbent sponge roller. Glass washing machine brush roller, roller shaft 45 # round, the bristles of nylon material, if necessary, add the acid-washed glass cleaning line, you must use all stainless steel brush roller is used to prevent corrosion mechanisms are generally brush strips with strips brush again spiral welding in the roll axis; suction roll, using a sponge made ​​of a high density of hydrophilic molecules, water absorption is good, fast drying, used to drop a full glass surfaces dry quickly.  
5, paper, printing, cigarette industry: pure nylon brush roller is used to make tobacco swinger paved with a thin layer and then flow to the production line for drying.  
6, wood, furniture industry: products are polishing brush, brush sander, sealing tops brush, brush coloring machine, drawing machine brush. Use antistatic nylon wire brush making, the surface of the wood flooring, furniture, etc. to remove dust, wire brush can not be static, so cleaning equipment can effectively take away the brush out of the dust.  
7, the electronics industry: strip made ​​of antistatic brush wire brush is used to clean the integrated circuit boards, electronic components and lead away static electricity.  
8, environmentally friendly industry: products Sweeper Round Brush, brush box, brush roller, wire dish brush, nylon brush sweeping drive, sweeper brush, sewage treatment brush, brush washing machine, computer washing machine brush. Washing machine with a brush, sanitation trucks disc sweeping brush, made ​​of high strength plastic wire brush making, used to clean the dirt floor, strip brush on sewage treatment equipment used to isolate the sewage solid objects.  
9, food processing: products shredder brush, brush cut meat machine, washing machine mushroom brush, hair brush to miscellaneous peelers, fruit washing machine brush, beans, garlic peeling machine brush category, Youzha machine brush. When fruits, vegetables and other industrial production, with a nylon brush roll on a variety of fruits, carrots and other agricultural crops, cleaning, require wire brush compression, elastic, but not bruised fruits and vegetables. Food Machinery brush materials used both domestic and imported materials, the production process for computer drilling brush tufting, bacteria nylon bristles for 1010 temperature wear wire brush, wire brush not back bend, do not fall off, roll body using stainless steel parts . Food brush widely used in various vegetables, fresh fruit before mechanical cleaning, peeled, pesticides and so on. Specifications can be tailored to customer requirements.  
10, doors and windows industry: stainless steel strip brush, brush tops rubber, metal strip brush, mounted on the active windows and doors, revolving doors, sliding doors, automatic doors, elevators used to block dust brush seal to prevent dust from entering the interior. Buses, subways, trains, elevators and so the corresponding strip brush fitted accessory products. Stainless steel strip brush, brush the horse tops, stainless steel wire brush strips, corrugated nylon filament brush, brick strip brush, nylon filament brush. Strip brush for general use iron belt (or stainless steel) and wire (or stainless steel wire) fixed bristles, widely used in various types of automatic doors, revolving doors, sliding doors, steel doors, as well as machinery and equipment cleaning, clean, dust-proof and sealing. Iron with thickness specifications: 3,4,5,6,7,8,10mm etc., stainless steel strip thickness specifications: 3,4,5,6,7,8mm, brush hair long and strip length required processing, brush strip can be bent and other special treatment.  
11, the metal industry: ash brush rollers, steel pickling brush roller, brush blasting machine; paper packaging machinery brush, brush plate printing machine, PVC scrubbing brush, plastic scrubbing brush, wire scrubbing brush. Sheet metal acid wash: generally used for sheet metal pre-treatment, deep processing equipment for the main.  
12 color plates, steel tile: Brush wheel injection molding, high hardness planting nylon wire, used to make the surface of steel to rust polish job.  
13, hardware, building materials industry: products are brick machine scrubbing brush, brush the bricks brick, tile machine brush, iron brush, pipe brush, abrasive wire brush, polishing brush, roller brush, wire brush rolls, spring brush. Containing silicon carbide abrasive wire brush roller for casting or inverted module deburring and sanding surface. Cold steel pickling line cleaning brush nylon brush brush roller brush roll roll roll wire brush industrial brush roll abrasive wire brush roller brush roll planting non-woven brush roll singeing machine brush roller galvanized wire brush roll


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